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Steven Spalding
Digital Marketing & Strategic Planning Consultant
How To Split An Atom

Steve Spalding, Electrical Engineer, Editor of the critically acclaimed technology/business blog How To Split An Atom and Social Media aficionado is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in using the Internet as a distribution channel to increase the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns. He has had experience building startups, working at them, and speaking to dozens of Founders and CEOs during his years as a blogger in the space. His work has been cited by numerous sources including the LA Times and Geoff Livingstone’s marketing and new media book, Now Is Gone.

Elmer Thomas
CEO, ATL Innovations Inc.
Thinking Serious

As CEO of ATL Innovations, Inc., it is my chief objective to create innovative services and partnerships that provide benefit to all stakeholders. I always say that I am working 24/7, even when I sleep. Thats because I even dream about my businesses. Yes, I know, many will point to how sad of a life that is… but the thing is that I enjoy it fully!

Benjamin Yoskovitz
CEO, Standout Jobs
Instigator Blog

My name is Benjamin Yoskovitz. I’m the CEO & co-Founder of Standout Jobs, a venture-backed startup founded in 2007. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10+ years in the Web space, working extensively in web & software development. I’m obsessed with creating things; fundamentally that’s what entrepreneurs do — they create “stuff.” I’m also obsessed with customer service.

Joseph Ferrara
Lawyer & CEO, Sellsius Real Estate
Sellsius Real Estate

Hi. I have been a practicing lawyer and entrepreneur for 25 years. I am based in New York City. I am Founder & CEO of Sellsius Real Estate, a real estate classifieds website. I publish the Sellsius Blog. I love writing about marketing, advertising, new technology and new ideas, but will write on whatever catches my interest. My goal is to inform in an entertaining way. I welcome guest writers.

Dan Rua
Managing Partner, Inflexion Venture Fund
Florida Venture Blog

Dan is an experienced early-stage venture capital investor with a technology foundation and product design, development and management experience. Inflexion Fund is his third early-stage venture capital fund. Prior to Inflexion, Dan was a Partner with Draper Atlantic, the east coast fund of Silicon Valley’s highly successful early-stage venture firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Dan has participated in funding and building thirty-two companies and managed funds totaling over $140 million.

Rosario Nuguid
Senior Software Engineer
The Geekette Speaketh

My name is Rosario Nuguid. I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in BS Mathematics (major in Actuarial Science). I’m connected with Orange and Bronze Software Labs as a senior software engineer and IT trainer specializing in Java technologies, software design, security, and enterprise web applications.

Mark Dykeman
I.T. Professional
Broadcasting Brain

I am an IT professional based in New Brunswick, CANADA. I observe social media and I often participate in various forms, including blogging, microblogging (mainly Twitter), social bookmarking, and social news. In a broader sense I am fascinated by the possibilities of online communication and the spreading of ideas.

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